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If you want to estimate the size of the tent you can consult the chart in the FAQ’spage. Please take note that the chart doesn’t include the dance floor, D. J., etc.
If your event is held on grass, you can use any type of tent(Pole or Frame). If the grass is uneven we usually use plywood to level off the dance floor. Subsequently, we use pieces of shim to level the stages. Any leveling equipment or items we might use is free of charge.
You don’t need a license when putting up temporary structure in your backyard but some parks might require one. Your contact with the city or parks usually informs you if a license is needed.
We recommend any deliveries to be done two days prior to the wedding. If your tent is of a considerable size and has a lot of accessories to install(tent liner, lighting, etc), our salesperson will inform you if we need more than one day to setup. There’s is no additional cost for an early delivery. We usually take down the day after the event.
We offer a variety of dance floors. You can visit our online rental page to see pictures of the floors.
For a traditional wedding, using round tables is more common but if your looking to save money and space rectangular tables can be considered. Rectangular tables and skirting are commonly used for the head table.
We offer a variety of chandeliers, globes and mini string lights. For an idea of what kind of lighting we offer please visit our online rental page . Take note that you need access to an outlet for your lighting. If you don’t have any power outlets in the surroundings, we recommend the rental of a generator.
We offer a variety of colors and sizes, including skirting. White is the favorable color for a traditional wedding.
Sidewalls are a good addition in case of rain or wind. If the weather allows it the sidewalls are very easy to take down. We offer two different kinds of sidewall : solid and windowed.
If so, we have an extensive choice on our online rental page. We recommend the gold ring china for your wedding. Don’t forget the champagne glasses for your toast.

If so, we have an extensive choice on our online rental page. Here’s some example:

5 Branch Candelabra
5 Branch

We recommend the white folding chairs either wood or plastic for an economic price. If your budget permits it the Chiavarie Gold chairs are a much classier look.

Chiavarie Gold Chair
Gold Chiavari

White Plastic or Vinyl Chair
White Plastic Chair
White Wood Chair
White Wood Chair

Chair covers are a good way to add to the ambiance. Also available in multiple colors.

Red sash with Chair Cover
White Chair Cover with Red Sash
Black Chair Cover with White Sash
Black Chair Cover with White Sash